Staff Recruitment

We help in the core function of human resource management by inviting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs.

  • Doctors and other staff looking for jobs in Ethiopia:
    Email your resume to
  • The dental and medical hospital to recruit the staff when they are in need:
    Email your vacancies with a complete job description to

    Job Description may include:

  • Scope of Job [Describes scope of job]
  • Essential Job Tasks [List essential job tasks]
  • Tools, Equipment & Materials Used [List tools, equipment and materials used]
  • Principal Contacts [Provide principal contacts]
  • Essential Skills, Knowledge and Abilities [Detail essential skills, knowledge and abilities]
  • Education/Training [Outline education and training requirements for position]
  • Experience [Describes experience necessary to successfully fulfill the obligations of the position]
  • Skills [Outline skills required]
  • Knowledge [Outline knowledge required]
  • Licenses/Certifications [List any licenses or certifications required in order to occupy the position]
  • Other Qualifications [Describe any other qualifications needed in order to occupy the position]

Vacancies will be announced time to time in our website.


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